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As a premier destination for high-quality home appliances, we're thrilled to extend an invitation for you to become an exclusive appliance distributor. At A4L, we believe in forging partnerships that are not only lucrative but also rewarding.

Not only do we provide access to brand-new products, but we also offer a range of second-hand home appliances, including customer returns, items with scratches, and those with damaged boxes. Despite their pristine condition, these goods are priced at approximately half the cost of new products, providing exceptional value for both distributors and customers alike.

Join us on this journey as we redefine the home appliance industry and set new standards of excellence.

A Low-Cost Investment

Joining Appliances 4 Less is a low-cost investment with high returns. Here's why:


We understand the importance of keeping start-up costs manageable. That's why we offer a low-cost entry point for distributors, making it accessible for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to invest in our network.

High ROI

Despite the affordable investment, becoming an A4L distributor offers a high return on investment. With our exclusive product lineup, competitive pricing, and dedicated support, you'll have the tools and resources to maximize your earnings potential.

Lucrative Opportunity

Becoming a part of A4L presents a $61.68B business opportunity that is increasing by 3% annually. With over 140 storefronts across the US and plans for further expansion, the potential for immediate earnings and long-term growth is unparalleled.

Exclusive Territories for Our Appliance Dealers

We understand the importance of providing our distributors with exclusive territorial rights. This means that when you become a distributor with us, you're not just gaining access to our exceptional product lineup – you're also securing your market presence.

A4L believes in fostering a network of distributors who can thrive in their designated areas without the worry of competition from neighboring stores.

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Comprehensive Sales Training

A4L is committed to empowering our distributors with comprehensive sales training that sets them up for success. Our training programs are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in every aspect of the sales process.
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Delivery Installation Training

Learn the ins and outs of appliance delivery and installation to ensure a seamless customer experience from start to finish.
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Maintenance Training

Gain expertise in appliance maintenance and troubleshooting to provide valuable support to your customers even after the sale.

Advertising Training

Discover effective advertising strategies and techniques to attract and engage potential customers in your target market.
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After-sales Training

Master the art of post-purchase support and customer service to build long-lasting relationships with your clientele.
We understand that practical experience is key to mastering these skills, which is why we require 30 hours of internship in star retail stores (may be provided by a third party; additional fees are required) and 20 hours of warehouse training. This hands-on approach ensures that you're fully prepared to meet the needs of your customers and exceed their expectations.
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The Wholesale Appliance 
Distributors Industry

As a distributor with A4L, you'll gain valuable insights into the market structure, product classifications, and future trends shaping the industry.
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Understand the intricacies of the home appliance market, including key players, consumer preferences, and emerging trends. With this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to identify opportunities and make informed business decisions.


Dive deep into the various categories of home appliances, from kitchen essentials to laundry solutions and beyond. By familiarizing yourself with product classifications, you'll be able to cater to the diverse needs of your customers and offer tailored solutions.


Stay ahead of the curve by staying informed about the latest developments and innovations in the home appliance industry. Whether it's advancements in technology or shifts in consumer behavior, we'll keep you updated on the trends shaping the future of home appliances.
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